Ten principles for good interdisciplinary tema work

Interdisciplinary team work is increasingly prevalent, supported by policies and practices that bring care closer to the patient and challenge traditional professional boundaries. To date, there has been a great deal of emphasis on the processes of team work, and in some cases, outcomes. DESCARGAR PDF

Integrating palliative care into national policies

Good policies lay the groundwork for an effective health care system and society. They facilitate the implementation of palliative care programs aimed at providing care for all people in need of these services, and they ensure equitable access to affordable medications and therapies. The lack of good policies can lead to unnecessary suffering and costs for patients, families, [...]

Quality standards for Palliative care in AFCA

The standards are designed to allow the development or improvement of palliative care across the different services levels,within the organisational capacity of various service providers in Africa, according to WHO guidelines.   DESCARGAR PDF

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